Alumasc leads the way in High Rise refurbishment

Alumasc's Swistherm with Mineral Wool insulation as used at Matthias Court
Alumasc’s Swistherm EWI with Mineral Wool insulation as used at Matthias Court

As the building industry continues to embrace the benefits of External Wall Insulation systems, Alumasc is in the grip of a high rise boom that has seen the increased specification of EWI in multi-storey applications across the North West.

2014/15 saw 7 high rise projects completed in Manchester, and already in 2016, 8 new projects are in progress; 2 for The Guinness Partnership, 1 for Northwards Housing, 2 for Ashton Pioneer Homes and 3 for Salix Homes.

Alumasc follow a strict High Rise Policy that takes into account all of the issues presented by high rise specification. In addition Alumasc always use independent Structural Engineering Consultants to conduct specific calculations to ensure structural stability, required performance and system longevity.

Alumasc  systems are officially accredited and approved for use in high rise applications and can be used with a range of insulation types versatile enough to overcome any design or technical challenges such as those at Magnolia Court and Sycamore Court, two of the Salix Homes schemes in Manchester.

Main Contractors Seddons and Registered Alumasc Installers SERS, worked closely with the Alumasc technical team to install Swistherm EWI with 170mm White EPS insulation at Magnolia Court and 150mm Grey EPS at Sycamore Court. These systems provided the ideal solution in terms of price and were able to tackle a number of intricate design details presented by both projects.

Matthias Court_smallNow belonging to The Guinness Partnership, Matthias Court had been empty for over 5 years and is about to undergo a complete overhaul. Installed by Alumasc Registered Installer SERS, the new EWI system will be the most visual change to the building, whilst the 150mm Mineral Wool insulation will make it highly thermally efficient. Alumasc has also been heavily involved with the architects Arcus Consultants, providing high quality technical support throughout a number of challenges faced in terms of installation and materials.

Grosvenor House and Rycroft House in Ashton Under Lyme were experiencing issues with the 40mm PIR board installed in the early 1990s. Alumasc has worked closely with Ashton Pioneer Homes and Casey Group to provide a number of solutions, ensuring that all works will be carried out efficiently and at the convenience and consideration of the residents.

With a growing number of future high rise opportunities currently being discussed, Alumasc is now regarded as the UK’s leading high rise specialist.

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