The Alumasc Ventilated System – Decorative ventilated solution for timber framed construction

Alumasc Ventilated System

The Alumasc Ventilated System is a fully engineered, decorative solution for new build, timber framed constructions following TRADA guidelines using textured silicone, acrylic brick slip or aggregate dash finishes.

AVS provides a solution for the requirements and guidelines set out by both the NHBC and TRADA for timber framed construction.

Due to the systems’ free flowing 25mm cavity, it remains both continuously ventilated and drained whilst maintaining detailing true to traditional build expectations.

This ensures the timber substrate sustains its ventilation requirements and prevents any moisture tracking back to its fabric, providing a protective façade.

Off-Site Manufacture

Off-site manufacture has been a growing feature in construction for over a decade, with the proportion of the building fabric created off-site reaching 80% in leading projects.

AVS has been designed with this in mind, producing and delivering successful off-site manufactured projects.

Fast & Light

AVS projects are delivered quicker than traditional building methods and are significantly lighter.

This means projects are handed over sooner and the mass of materials required in footings is decreased, both providing significant savings.

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