Alumasc Achieves BBA Approval for U-Value Calculations

BBAHaving boasted a BBA Approved product portfolio for many years, Alumasc has further strengthened its service offer by gaining BBA Approval under the U-Value and Condensation Risk Competency Scheme.

The Scheme seeks to promote and assist accurate, objective and consistent calculation of U-Values and condensation risk within buildings.

To gain the Approval, Alumasc completed four separate stages, in which the appropriate technical competency and in-house procedural controls had to be demonstrated to ensure that calculations offered under the scope of the scheme will be accurate. Those stages were:

– an initial screening
– an office inspection
– validation and conclusions
– ongoing surveillance

Registration under the scheme provides reassurance to any specifier or user that the services or data being provided are supplied by an individual or company that has been subject to a rigorous independent assessment process. They can therefore be assured that this output is representative and reliable.

Alumasc also now have the facility to overwrite default u-values, which is particularly relevant for funded schemes where the carbon capture score is crucial. These calculations are obligatory for every funded project in Scotland.

For full details of the scheme, click here or download the Scheme Document

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Choose Alumasc Facades for your Extension Project

Are you extending a residential, education, health or other commercial project?

Alumasc External Wall Insulation and Render Only Systems are suitable for all types on construction and offer the perfect solution to create the most thermally efficient and aesthetically pleasing results.

When extending a building, Alumasc Façade solutions results create a seamless facade. Whether you are replicating the existing wall finish or creating a brand new façade for the whole building, Alumasc have the specification.

A recent extension project in Brighton (pictured), fully utilised the Alumasc Swistherm EWI system to give the house, and its new extension a high quality, contemporary finish.

Alumasc direct-fix insulated render system, Swistherm, eliminates cold bridging, condensation and mould growth, increases thermal efficiency, is fully weather resistant and has an effective life in excess of 30 years.

Image2-v1Alumasc Facade Systems offer BBA Approved solutions available for solid or cavity masonry, steel and timber frame construction. On cavity construction a render only system can be utilised. The most thermally efficient method is to use external wall insulation on a solid wall or framed construction.

A wide range of colours, textures and brick slip finishes are available with full technical service provided in the design of your project.

Local approved installers are available and the works are covered by a 10 year warranty. Contact your local Area Sales Manager to find an approved local installer.

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Industry Heavyweights BBA & EST join forces to offer new opportunity for approval

206x127The British Board of Agrément (BBA) and the Energy Saving Trust (EST) have combined to offer a new wide-range of verification, testing, endorsement and consultancy services for companies seeking an independent stamp of approval for their energy efficient products.

EST says the partnership brings together the best each organisation has to offer in terms of expertise, and will ensure consumers are rewarded when investing in energy efficient products because the claims made by manufacturers will be independently assessed and verified.

Since it was founded in 1992, EST has developed an extensive database of information on energy using and energy related products, measuring their performance in the laboratory and in-situ and setting best practice performance standards in line with national, European and International regulations. EST’s product certification experience spans across large and small domestic appliances, consumer electronics, information technology, lighting, heating, insulation and glazing.

estlogo1Philip Sellwood, chief executive of the Energy Saving Trust, said: “This partnership is a great opportunity to expand our reach among new corporate and consumer audiences. We are seeking to establish consistent product compliance across all aspects of energy efficiency, and this new collaboration will bring us further toward that goal.”

For nearly 50 years, the BBA says it has provided rigorous testing, inspection and certification services to support manufacturers and installers in achieving excellence, and also to provide joined-up reassurance throughout the industry. Building fabric insulation, microgeneration and other energy efficient products and systems are key sectors for this reassurance.

Claire Curtis-Thomas, chief executive of BBA, said:

“The partnership with EST represents a wonderful opportunity for BBA to expand the scope of our services and the markets we serve. Over the years EST has developed considerable resources and unparalleled expertise in advising on energy related issues. Together with the BBA’s technical approval testing and inspection expertise, clients will benefit from more consistent and comprehensive services. We’re thrilled to partner with EST.”

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Does Your Property Need External Wall Insulation?

Alumasc Exterior DPS V1-2Your home’s lifespan can be extended with Alumasc’s insulated render systems.

Reduced heating costs

By installing External Wall Insulation (EWI), heating costs are reduced by as much as 40%, due to improved energy efficiency. An average solid wall semi-detached home could save around £475 per year on fuel costs (according to the Energy Savings Trust). This increases with greater insulation thicknesses. Heating systems will not need to be on as long or as often. The effects will also be felt in the summer months, with properties being less susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

Improved appearance

High performance renders and/or brick effects enhance the appearance of properties and are available in a wide range of textures and colours. They provide the opportunity to create a distinct new look or they can be used to remain in-keeping with the surrounding environment and other properties.

Extended life

The weather-resistant, protective qualities of insulated render systems, along with the thermal upgrade they provide, ensures the life of the building is increased. It is strongly recommended that the EWI system selected is fully certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) and offers a life expectancy rating in excess of 30 years. The system should also be recommended for use by the Energy Savings Trust.

Guaranteed installation

Reputable EWI systems are applied by installers that are fully trained and carded by the system manufacturer. Fully certified systems are covered by warranties for up to 25 years, which provides peace of mind with respect to both their application and performance. This is fully compliant with the requirements of The Green Deal – an energy-saving improvements initiative.

ddddddddFunding possibilities

The energy-saving improvements depend on your home. For latest information on funding opportunities for EWI installations, visit the GOV.UK website:

Why Choose Alumasc?

As an award-winning UK manufacturer of thermally efficient EWI systems, Alumasc has a 25-year proven success record. The company is a leader in the design and development of solutions which utilise a choice of decorative polymer-modified, mineral and silicone renders along with traditional and acrylic brick slips.

It offers BBA certified systems combined with technical expertise and full warranty packages. Highly regarded brands such as Euroroof, Derbigum, Hydrotech, Firestone, Harmer, Apex and M.R., together with Alumasc’s well known architectural rainwater range have been independently certified, and in some cases have a lifespan in excess of 60 years or for the life of the building being worked on.

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Mineral Render solution for low temperature and humid weather conditions

mineral render finish for external wall insulation blog thumbnail

Alumasc Façade Systems have manufactured the perfect solution for projects that will be worked on during low temperature weather conditions.

Alumasc Mineral Render is an excellent alternative to silicone render during the winter months, this product gives our customers the flexibility to conduct work(s) over longer periods of the year because mineral render contains cement contact allowing the product to set quicker than silicone render in during lower temperature periods. The product can be mixed with a variation of colours or, alternatively, be left with the original white finish without the need to paint.

Mineral Render from Alumasc Facade Systems

Mineral Render can be used across all Alumasc External Wall Insulation Systems and is also lightweight with the appearance of silicone render, this makes it perfect for contemporary finishes.

Mineral Render is eco-friendly, manufactured using only natural materials (mineral aggregates, and white marble grain) and is available with a rolled texture in 2, 3 and 4mm grain sizes. Mineral Render is highly damage resistant and also boasts Class 0 surface spread of flame.

The product is manufactured under ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 Quality and Environmental Management systems and is fully BBA approved.

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New External Wall Insulation BBA Certificate for Alumasc

BBA Certificate, Alumasc External Wall InsulationAlumasc is pleased to announce the issue of our new BBA Certificate for the Swistherm External Wall Insulation System with Grey EPS insulation (Cert No. Swistherm (00/3766 PS3).
Tailored to meet latest industry requirements, the External Wall Insulation System is easy to install and is suitable for use on both refurbishment and new build projects.  Swistherm EWI offers a choice of lightweight Silkolitt Silicone Render or Alumasc Acrylic Brick Slip finishes, available in a wide choice of colour options.  They can be used singularly or in combination, providing specifiers with a choice of specification options.

As part of rigorous testing carried out by the British Board of Agrement, the Swistherm Grey EPS system meets the highest levels for impact and fire performance.

Swistherm Grey EPS External Wall Insulation Benefits:

• s1, d0 fire rating, the best for any EPS system
• Choice of Silkolitt Silicone Render and Acrylic Brick Slip finishes
• Category I impact resistance with Acrylic Brick Slips and category II with Silkolitt
• Can be installed within 1m boundaries on houses in Scotland, England and Wales.
• Can be installed utilising dry or wet fixed method
• NHBC approved

For further information call Alumasc Facades on +44 (0) 3335 771 700.
Alternatively email