EWI Industry Meets with Parliamentary Under Secretary of State & DECC

hays_1226562INCA attended an industry roundtable with Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth last week to discuss a long-term sustainable energy efficiency framework.

INCA, along with NIA and SEA, raised concerns about the short-term hiatus facing the industry before the new framework is put in place, given the announcement on GDFPs and GDHIF and the fact that energy suppliers are expected to have delivered their ECO obligations by early 2016.

INCA has signed a joint letter to Lord Bourne following the meeting which sets out the industry’s concerns in more detail along with suggestions for the short term transition. DECC will continue to engage with the industry over the summer on the development of the long-term framework and further details are expected to be announced in the autumn.

Following the Ministerial meeting, INCA Advocacy Committee members met with Jon Booth, Director of Household Energy Efficiency at DECC, to discuss the implications of the recent announcements on the External Wall Insulation industry.

Jon confirmed that energy efficiency remained a priority for DECC and the long-term framework would be developed on the principles of stability, coherence and affordability for both the fuel poor and ‘able to pay’ market.

He recognised the case for External Wall Insulation and that the benefits should be taken into account as External Wall Insulation is not a ‘low cost measure’ but around half of those in fuel poverty live in solid wall properties. INCA will be following up with both the Minister and the team at DECC on behalf of the EWI industry over the summer.

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