INCA External Wall Insulation Manifesto Launched

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Ahead of the General Election in May, INCA has published a manifesto which calls on any future Government to set out a clear role for External Wall Insulation as part of a coherent energy efficiency strategy by:

1. Recognising the economic case for investment in External Wall Insulation to reduce carbon emissions and fuel poverty, to create growth in the UK economy and to support community regeneration

2. Developing and implementing an energy efficiency strategy that supports External Wall Insulation on a large scale with realistic targets for upscaling the delivery of External Wall Insulation to insulate 3.5 million solid wall properties by 2030

1. Committing to consistent policies which allow the External Wall Insulation industry to invest and plan for the future to the benefit of its clients

4. Prioritising funding for sustainable funding initiatives developed with input from the industry.

Over the coming months, INCA will be engaging with key Government and political stakeholders to support the keys asks in the manifesto with backing from our industry stakeholders.

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