ECO Funding Changes – An Update from INCA

INCA BannerFollowing the announcement of the proposed changes to ECO, the Insulated Render and Cladding Association (INCA) continues to co-ordinate a response on behalf of the external wall insulation (EWI) industry ahead of the formal consultation which is due out any time now.

Norwegian Properties, Fenham

• INCA hosted a meeting of key industry stakeholders on 3 February where it was agreed that INCA would support a solid wall insulation (SWI) industry steering group with the objective of co-ordinating a sustained challenge to the proposed changes and maintaining SWI at previous levels.

• As a result of the INCA members meeting last month which was attended by DECC, INCA submitted proposals for using the additional £540 million worth of funding which has been made available by Government to stimulate demand for SWI.

• Members of the SWI Steering Group attended a meeting with DECC on 10 February to present the proposals, which were well received, and dialogue with DECC remains on-going.

• Following on from this, the SWI Steering Group met at the INCA office to discuss next steps, including clear messages for the SWI industry and seeking support for our position from other organisations with a common interest.

• The INCA Board has agreed to commission the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) to undertake high-quality independent research on the economic and wider benefits of SWI for the UK. This will lend significant weight to our argument that the ECO proposals should be modified to deliver a more favourable outcome for SWI. The initial findings from the research will be available by 3 March with the full report to be published by 14 April in order maximise the potential influence on the ECO consultation.

Alumasc, as an INCA member, fully supports the trade association’s efforts on behalf of the external wall insulation industry with regard to the changes in ECO funding.

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