Is External Wall Insulation ready for the next 5 years?

Ty Haul, private residence in Anglesey, which was built to Passivhaus Standards using Swistherm from Alumasc.

As Mr. B. Dylan once sang….”the times they are a-changing”.

External Wall Insulation in the UK housing market has long been the well kept secret of social landlords and those not afraid of building a new wall without a cavity. Now, thanks to the good people at the Department of Energy and Climate Change and ably assisted by the Insulated Cladding and National Insulation Associations, INCA & NIA, solid wall insulation is set to become the thermal upgrade for the masses.

The country’s existing housing stock is ready for Solid Wall Insulation. Just as double glazing and draft excluders started the work on the UK’s pre-cavity properties, so the next stage in these energy conscious times is to do something about solid 9-inch brick walls. Why should we have to revert to wearing a jumper in the comfort of our own homes when we can improve our houses? For there to be any chance of meeting UK targets for thermally efficient dwellings and reduction in energy use, the solution of wrapping your home in its own externally insulating ‘jumper’ may be the most credible answer.

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