London Strives for Zero Carbon Homes

Boxtree Lane in Harrow – newbuild using Swisslab EWI from Alumasc

Following the Government announcement to scrap its zero carbon homes policy last year, the Greater London Authority (GLA) is continuing to pursue a policy of zero carbon homes.

As outlined in the Housing Supplementary Planning Guide from 1 October 2016 the Mayor will apply a zero carbon standard to new residential developments in the capital. 

The Housing SPG defines ‘Zero carbon’ homes as homes forming part of major development applications where the residential element of the application achieves at least 35% below the national energy efficiency standard set in Part L of the 2013 building regulations; however, any remaining on-site emissions that exceed the zero carbon target will be offset through a cash-in-lieu contribution to the relevant borough.

Funds will be ring-fenced to secure the delivery of carbon dioxide savings elsewhere. 


boxtree1To summarise, the emission reduction targets the GLA will apply to applications, are as follows:

– Stage 1 schemes received by the Mayor up until 30 September 2016 – 35% below Part L 2013 for both residential and commercial development.

– Stage 1 schemes received by the Mayor on or after the 1st October 2016– Zero carbon (as defined in section 5.2 of the Housing SPG) for residential development and 35% below Part L 2013 for commercial development.

Download the Housing Supplementary Planning Guide Document here

For more information, visit the GLA Website