Prime Minister warned about fuel poverty

Last week, more than 100 energy companies, charities and businesses, collectively known as The Fuel Poverty Advisory Group (FPAG) joined forces to warn Prime Minister David Cameron that Britain is heading towards a fuel poverty crisis due to a failure of government policy.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, The Fuel Poverty Advisory Group argued that ministers aren’t doing enough to tackle soaring gas and electricity prices that have left a growing number of people unable to heat their homes this winter. According to them, millions of households across the UK will struggle to pay their energy bills this winter, with “one in four households” now said to be in fuel poverty.

The Fuel Poverty Advisory Group  believe that the most effective long term solution to reduce energy bills and to end fuel poverty is for the Government to help households make their homes as energy efficient as possible. Although the Government backed Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation will help to deliver energy efficiency measures in households, the FPAG argue that the Government is still not doing enough to completely eliminate fuel poverty or end the financial hardship. They suggest a far larger Government investment in energy efficiency is required.

The Fuel Poverty Advisory Group have called on David Cameron and the Government to use carbon tax revenue to make UK homes super-energy efficient, prioritising homes of the fuel poor, as their letter suggests that from 2013, the Government will collect over £2 billion in carbon tax revenue every year, which could rise up to £4 billion by 2020. If carbon revenue was to be used to help make homes highly energy efficient, it could eliminate fuel poverty and in time could help every UK household to minimise their energy bills.

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